Youth Missional Community
Youth Missional Community 2019/2020
Confirmation this year will be included as part of a new ministry experiment for youth grades 6-12 we are calling “Youth Missional Community.”
Beginning Wednesday, September 11, current confirmation students will be invited to gather, along with senior high youth, for a weekly meal and community time held in the home of Glen and Dianne Johnson, Christ the Servant members. Young adults and other adults interested in serving as mentors are encouraged to join as well.
Each week, adult leaders will gather for prayer at 5:30 PM. Youth are asked to arrive by 6:15 PM, when we will begin with our spiritual family meal together. We will conclude each week by 7:45 PM. Food donations for Youth Missional Community meals will be needed throughout the year.
The goal of this weekly gathering is to integrate the three ways of learning that Jesus included in his teaching of disciples: information, imitation, and immersion. This year’s content curriculum will include the words, ways, and works of Jesus. Just as important, however, will be the development of a supportive, consistent, multi-generational community of loving relationships and faith mentoring. Throughout the year, we will take excursions for fun and service as we grow and learn together what it means to live as disciples in everyday life.
We desire to see youth and young adults spiritually engaged and empowered to live as ministers and missionaries in their daily lives. We want youth to engage in their faith and the life of the church after confirmation. We want youth to engage in their faith and the life of the church after high school. We want to see them deeply engaged in relationships with God, one another, and caring adults within a loving, spiritual family to prepare them for an entire life of mission and ministry as disciples of Jesus. Our current practice has not produced consistent engagement of our youth and young adults after completion of confirmation. Therefore, we need your support, prayers, and faith as we experiment with another way. 
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