Intentional Faith Development

‘We Learn to Be and Become Like Jesus’
“Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of people” (Mark 1:17). Intentional Faith Development is learning how to follow Jesus and make disciples within all of life. It is becoming more like him in his character, the kind of person he is, and in his competency, doing the things he did and taught. With Jesus, life is our textbook and the whole world is our classroom. The forces are too great, the temptation too real, the internal and external pressure too overwhelming to be half-hearted about our faith development. Jesus intentionally developed faith in his followers by integrating three methods of teaching into a wholistic way of life; 1) delivery of information similar to classroom learning, 2) imitation through an apprenticeship into his way of life, and 3) immersion within the discipleship culture of a spiritual family. Through information, imitation, and immersion, we practice developing a living, active, intentional faith of being and doing like Jesus that transforms people into his image and empowers them to live and follow his way of life.

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