Passionate Worship

                           “Getting UP by Gathering to Experience God’s Presence in Jesus Christ”


1.  Create an environment that encourages all who gather for worship to actively participate and share their gifts.

a. Provide ways to intentionally welcome children, youth, young adults and their families to worship through alternate worship times and styles.

b. Invite and train worship volunteers.

c. Have worship team members visit other congregations and participate in learning about passionate worship.

2.  Strengthen the effectiveness of our worship space, equipment, and technology.

a. Evaluate and prioritize upgrades to the sound system, multimedia, and lighting.

b. Create and maintain a clean, welcoming atmosphere for all.

c. Evaluate roles and expectations for volunteers and provide technical training as needed.

3.  Integrate worship into congregational ministry and everyday life through spiritual disciplines.

a. Provide devotional opportunities to align with worship series for small groups and the home.

b. Encourage and provide resources for ministry teams and leaders to pray, read scripture, and worship as part of their meetings.