Radical Hospitality
‘We Welcome Others as Christ Welcomes Us’

Jesus practiced Radical Hospitality throughout his ministry, going above and beyond, exceeding expectations, including people in his rhythms of life who were excluded from every other aspect of society. He didn’t seek privilege, keep his distance from those who were deemed as undesirable, or treat some people in a more preferred way than others. He ate with outcasts, tax collectors, sinners and foreigners. He touched and healed lepers and the unclean. He even welcomed children who, in his culture, were often considered a nuisance. From birth to death, he crossed cultural barriers and became vulnerable in order to extend welcome. Within the church and in our daily lives, we practice the same active, expectation exceeding, radical hospitality we first received from Jesus, going above and beyond to welcome all people into a relationship with God and God’s family. “Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you” (Romans 15:7).

Team Members
Council Representatives & Team Leaders: Deb Gennow & Sue Woehrle