Radical Hospitality
                         “Inviting People to Get UP with God and Come IN to Christian Community”

Radical Hospitality Goals

1.  Create a culture of hospitality in the congregation.

a. Provide training in welcoming conversation for the congregation and those in volunteer positions (ushers, coffee servers etc.)

b. Staff the Welcome Desk and create a hospitality plan for Sunday mornings.

c. Form a plan for our facility to create a welcoming physical space for our congregation and newcomers and submit to the council for discernment.

d. Equip members to invite people to worship and congregational life and integrate intentional invitation into existing ministries.

2.  Develop a communication strategy to better include all generations in our congregational life, follow up with guests, and reach out to our community.

a. Carry out an inventory of our membership database and establish practices for following up with newcomers, homebound members, and inactive members.

b. Partner with other teams and leaders to strengthen our use of digital and social media communication and marketing.

Team Members
Council Representative & Team Leader:  Rick Gittins  Email